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Eisen Home’s luxury shower systems compliment any bathroom oasis with their sleek and streamlined appearance but it’s not all about their beauty though.

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Eisen Home crafts some of the best shower systems when it comes down to performance, optimal spray patterns and ease of installation. Excellent shower systems have the power to convert your bathroom into a sanctuary, a place to unwind, relax and recharge. We believe in the importance of giving credit where it’s due which is why we’ve created this guide to help you create a stunning space all your own that offers the tranquility you deserve.  


Rain shower systems


Rain shower head systems have become extremely popular over the last few years and it’s no surprise why. Whether it was vacation on an isolated tropical beach or the simple serenity of your porch, there’s something magical about the calming effect of a gentle rain on a warm day. Imagine if you could experience that feeling in the comfort of your home whenever you want? Whether you jump in after a long day or are just getting the day started, a rainfall shower system gives you a sense of renewal like nothing else. Close your eyes and let the rain fall over your head, shoulders and body. Unwind with our Narmada shower systems which simulate rainfall and get transported to another frame of mind entirely.

Shower Panel System 

The long column that characterizes shower panel systems includes an overhead shower, handheld shower, thermostatic temperature controls and in some cases, a tub spout. Panels are a great choice if you are looking for an all-in-one shower system that is relatively easy to install since you simply need a hot/cold pipe. It also happens to be more one of the most water-efficient systems available. On the other hand, it’s important to keep in mind that it is more limited to one side of your shower and is not nearly as customizable as other shower types.  


Dual Shower Head System


Just as it sounds, dual shower head systems include two showerheads, one which is mounted and another which is handheld. Also known as a multi head shower system, this type of system is really beneficial if you like to have more targeted showering and mobility with the handheld shower but still want to be showered overhead simultaneously. You can switch to direct water from one showerhead to another or you can have both going at the same time in different settings. Think pulsating massage and power rain. Why just choose one when you can choose both? 


Exposed Shower System


Some of the best designed restaurants, bars and hotels have an exposed ceiling design with exposed pipes, beams and utility lines. If you’re looking to add a modern, industrial touch to your bathroom oasis then this style shower system may be the most intriguing for you. Generally, they include a showerhead, knob and visible piping which mounts directly to the wall. Whether you are going for a vintage or modern feel, these sleek shower systems are beautiful inside out and will surely enhance your soaking experience. 


Stunning Luxury Shower Systems


There’s nothing more satisfying than a steamy shower that massages your back and leaves you feeling fresh and new again. Made with grace and performance in mind, Eisen Home’s luxury spa shower systems make a gorgeous addition to your home. You can choose between an elegant polished chrome or brushed nickel shower system, among an array of other beautiful shades. They are simple to install and come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty so you have the ultimate peace of mind. If you are remodelling your bathroom or simply updating your current shower system, your luxury home spa by Eisen Home awaits you. 

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