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Kitchen Sink Faucets


The kitchen is where you gather with family and friends, laugh over the daily trials and tribulations and spend quality time together over a good meal. That’s why Eisen Home prides itself in crafting the best kitchen faucets so that you can focus on what’s important. Our line of solid brass kitchen faucets have a breathtaking elegance coupled with second to none performance. Their quality construction resists rust and corrosion and single hole design make installation effortless. Whether you are choosing between a single handle kitchen faucet, pull down kitchen faucet with sprayer, touchless kitchen faucet or otherwise, a modern kitchen is one where innovation, functionality and style meet.

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet


Our single handle kitchen faucets are all crafted in the classic gooseneck style with a smooth, elegant arc and a 360° swivel spout. The swivel functionality makes it easy to target and rinse dishes thoroughly with ease. Additionally, the neck of the faucet with its high arc accommodates large pots and pans so that even after large gatherings with dishes stacked up, you have much more space to work with. One of our most popular styles is the Coral single handle kitchen faucet which comes in four gorgeous shades. It’s also worth noting that these are single hole kitchen faucets by default, making installation effortless. 


Single Hole Kitchen Faucets 


Single hole kitchen faucets are ideal for the most practical among us, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t crafted with beauty in mind. It’s impossible to overlook the efficiency of their straightforward yet elegant design. The simplicity of the single handle kitchen faucet style actually allows for enhanced temperature control and is far more water efficient than other types of kitchen faucets. Moreover, you can find the optimal pressure and temp faster than standard kitchen faucets with quick adjustments of the lever handle. The undeniable modern minimalistic appeal of single hole kitchen faucets combined with Eisen Home’s outstanding performance, make the perfect addition to the heart of your home. 


Pull Down Kitchen Faucets


Many savvy buyers opt for a pull down kitchen faucet for its versatility that gives it a distinct edge over other styles. If your kitchen is one of the focal points of your home, a kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer is essential. Each kitchen faucet comes with a dual spray functionality and powerful jets that help to remove debris from plates, pots and pans with ease. The pressure from the jets combined with the pull down functionality make it a cinch to clear any remaining debris in the sink basin. Made from solid brass, these kitchen faucets with pull down sprayer are rust and corrosion resistant making them easy to maintain. Additionally, each includes a drip free ceramic disc cartridge to prevent possible leakage. It’s hard for other kitchen faucet types to compete in the same arena as pull down kitchen faucets given their optimal performance, effortless installation and easy maintenance. Some of our best pull down kitchen faucet styles include the Morgana and the Mira lines. The Morgana is ideal for larger sinks since the spout stands at 10.63 inches, while the Mira is great if you are looking for something smaller at 7.75 inches, perhaps in the case of accommodating low-hanging cabinets.  


Kitchen Sink Faucet Colors


It can be hard to know what color kitchen faucet will best complement your space. You want to tie the look together and as we know, most accent pieces can become centerpieces if you choose the right color, one that makes a splash without taking all the glory either. Our kitchen sink faucets are available in a beautiful array of finishes including brushed gold, brushed rose gold, brushed nickel and matte black. While the matte black kitchen faucet is our most popular style the brushed gold kitchen faucet is a close second. If you are looking for a more unusual shade the brushed rose gold kitchen faucet has a unique, feminine appeal. If you want an understated look you can never go wrong with a timeless brushed nickel kitchen faucet. For kitchens that have a vintage touch the chrome or bronze kitchen faucet gives an industrial, modern feel. Overall, these elegant finishes complement most kitchen designs but it’s good to keep in mind the color and materials of your cabinets and countertops. Most shades will complement marble countertops well but it often comes down to the color of your sink basin. 


How to Replace Kitchen Faucet


When changing a kitchen faucet it’s important to keep a few things in mind. As a quick general guide, you’ll need to clear everything under the sink, turn off the water, remove the old faucet, line the deck plate with the holes, drop the tubes into holes, connect the sprayer and finally tighten the faucet. Whether you are remodeling the kitchen entirely or simply upgrading your kitchen faucet parts, Eisen Home has a detailed step-by-step installation guide for each faucet. 


Best Kitchen Faucets 2021


Getting a quality kitchen sink faucet is top of mind for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether you are a master chef, like to put on small gatherings with a cheese board and wine or are simply washing dishes after dinner it’s important to have a kitchen faucet that you love. Eisen Home gives you the ultimate peace of mind with its 2-year warranty which is a testament to the durability and performance of our line of breathtaking kitchen faucets. 

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