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If you are remodelling your bathroom or kitchen, a well-designed pop up sink drain can instantly elevate the space.

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Pop up Drain


It’s all about the final touches, the accent piece that ties the entire space together. Whether you want a pop up drain that perfectly accents your bathroom faucet in matte black, or one that gives a pop of color in an elegant contrast, only a true artist can decide. While your bathroom sink’s pop up drain emitter is not going to make or break the space, it can bring it to new heights. Eisen Home’s pop up drain stoppers are made of solid brass, are rust and corrosion resistant and are made to fit any US standard size drain perfectly. The pop up drain assembly includes all the rubber seals and fasteners for easy installation, along with a dimensions guide. 


Where the small things count, Eisen Home is there. If you are looking to complete your bathroom or kitchen sink faucet setup, be sure to check out our entire collection of luxury bathroom and kitchen decor

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