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Your bathroom oasis needs to be both beautiful and functional and that’s where Eisen Home’s modern bathroom vanities come in.

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When choosing a bathroom vanity there are quite a few things worth considering. Some decisions are straightforward like whether to choose a single sink bathroom vanity or double bathroom vanity. Other decisions can be harder, like having to choose what style, color and material works best for your particular space. That’s why Eisen Home carries a beautiful selection of solid wood bathroom vanities that not only complement your bathroom décor but also tie the space together as the focal point. All of our bathroom vanity sets come with pre-attached ceramic sinks and Carrara marble countertops included for added savings. Whether you are searching for the perfect single bathroom vanity, double sink bathroom vanity or a complete bathroom vanity set, these bathroom vanity ideas will help you narrow down some of your most important considerations.

Optimal Bathroom Vanity Size 

Size is clearly one of the most important factors when choosing a bathroom vanity with sink. Eisen Home has a wide range of sizes with the most commonly sized bathroom vanities coming around 24-60 inches wide but you can even get some as large as 72 inches wide. If you happen to know the exact size you want based off of your measurements, you can skip to the size that works best for your space below. 

24 inch bathroom vanity

30 inch bathroom vanity

36 inch bathroom vanity

48 inch bathroom vanity

60 bathroom vanity

72 bathroom vanity

Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

The 24 inch bathroom vanity is the smallest within our collection and is best if you want to maximize space. Other single sink bathroom vanities like our Amaya and Sophia lines measuring at 30-36 inches, give sophisticated appeal and balance to smaller spaces. If you like to have extra cabinet space but can only fit a single sink, our 48 inch bathroom vanity style is ideal for you. It’s spacious soft closed doors and drawers underneath sweeping marble countertops give you lots of space to organize your makeup, towels and other essentials. It’s also complemented by a larger sized mirror so that you and your partner can both comfortably prepare for the day or next outing. 

Double Bathroom Vanity

The 60 inch bathroom vanity double sink is splendid for larger spaces and ideal for the master bathroom. If you’re looking for a statement piece, the 72 inch bathroom vanity is a showstopper. It will easily become the centerpiece of your bathroom sanctuary and set the tone for the space. It’s made with beauty and function alike, with its gorgeous open slatted shelf underneath the cabinetry for quick access to towels and linens. You’ll get the feel of a more rustic bathroom vanities but with a gorgeous oak wood finish alongside sleek Carrara marble. It's got the character of a farmhouse bathroom vanity but the elegance of a modern bathroom vanity. 

Materials for Bathroom Vanity Sets with Tops

All of our oak bathroom vanities come with Carrara marble countertops. While it all comes down to how you want your bathroom decor, bathroom vanity mirrors that complement the cabinetry and marble countertops give a modern, lasting impression. It’s also one less thing to think about. Depending on if it’s a single or double bathroom vanity set, each is pre-drilled for a single hole faucet, and one or two undermount sinks. As with most things, it’s all about the final touches and each solid wood bathroom vanity is adorned with brushed stainless steel handles in an array of sleek shades. All bathroom vanity sets also come fully assembled for easy installation. We see a stylish white oak bathroom vanity in your future!

How to choose between a freestanding or floating bathroom vanity?

Our collection includes both freestanding and floating bathroom vanities handcrafted from solid wood. The floating bathroom vanity style is particularly good for smaller spaces where you want to give the impression of more space. It’s also ideal if you prefer to have more room underneath your sink to include a scale or bin. Notably, you can install floating bathroom vanities according to your optimal height, whereas freestanding bathroom vanities rise to a standard height. However, both styles offer flexibility of placement in different ways. Freestanding bathroom vanities, unlike floating bathroom vanities, can be more easily shifted to the second bathroom if you decide to upgrade your setup with a larger bathroom vanity set, or moved into another home down the line.

Colors for Bathroom Vanities  

Eisen Home solid wood bathroom vanity sets come in the following gorgeous shades: an elegant white, matte blue, bold espresso, acorn and winter cherry red. A white bathroom vanity is always a good choice that will make your bathroom sanctuary feel more spacious while an almost black bathroom vanity like the espresso which has chocolate tones will give a cozier feel. Whether you are looking for a white, matte blue or black bathroom vanity, the oak wood will elevate your space yet feel warm. A matte blue gives a fresh and crisp appearance and also pairs well with clean, modern bathroom decor. We also have two new shades, the acorn and winter cherry red which both give a warm touch and unique appeal. Unlike other bathroom decor brands, Eisen Home offers customizable handle finishes in an array of shades including brushed gold, brushed nickel, matte black and a striking white. You can complete your bathroom sanctuary with a bathroom faucet in the same shade to really tie the look together. 

Luxury Bathroom Vanities  

If you are looking for a long-lasting, timeless piece that beautifully complements your space, an Eisen Home bathroom vanity will effortlessly make the cut. Our bathroom vanities are as luxurious as they come with soft closing cabinetry, full extension drawers, all handcrafted from solid wood and with the peace of mind of a 2-year warranty

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