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Imagine the daily indulgence of a rejuvenating soak with a modern freestanding tub.

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Convert your bathroom into an oasis, a sanctuary to unwind and decompress. Named after the Greek gods, Eisen Home’s freestanding soaking tubs are as luxurious as they come. Our freestanding bathtub collection is constructed from nonporous acrylic resin, a material that is as elegant as pearl yet strong, with a glossy finish that does not dull or scratch over time. This distinct line of the best freestanding tubs are timeless, modern and elevate your bath décor instantly. Their freedom of placement means they can be installed anywhere so the ease gives you peace of mind. Gracefully sculpted with deep smooth floors and a polished chrome pop-up drain at its center, your own personal personal spa awaits you. 

The Aphrodite Freestanding Tub

The Aphrodite Freestanding Acrylic Tub was inspired by the Greek god of love, pleasure and most of all, beauty. This rectangular freestanding  bathtub with its deep floor, high walls and strong edges make it the architectural statement piece of your sanctuary. Available in both glossy white and matte black finishes, this contemporary piece is not only breathtaking but will take your breath away as you enjoy a soothing bath made for the gods. Most standard sized tubs are 60 inches in length but this one also comes in 63 and 67 inches, perfect for those among us who like to stretch out or much like Aphrodite, enjoy a relaxing soak with their partner. 

Athena Freestanding Tub

Athena’s wisdom reached far beyond war and the Athena tub is an elegant tribute to courage, strength and skill. The craftsmanship of this freestanding rectangular bathtub is similar to that of the Aphrodite but with sharp lines that bow outwards in invitation. The slanted back is preferred among men and women who prefer to recline back in a more relaxed posture. Athena’s wisdom is far-reaching and this freestanding soaking tub, as with the entire line, includes a removable polished chrome overflow cover as an extra measure to keep water from splashing onto the tile flooring. Wise indeed. 

Hera Freestanding Tub

Much like Hera, the goddess of marriage and family, this acrylic freestanding tub was built with size in mind. At a width of 71 inches, this double-ended tub will accommodate you and your loved ones or become a solitary, expansive escape at the end of the day. This elegant and modern masterpiece has gracefully curved lines so you can comfortably sit back, set the mood with candles, soft music and a good book or just soak in tranquility. 

Poseidon Freestanding Tub

Named after the god of the sea, the Poseidon freestanding bathtub was crafted in an exquisite oval design. Poseidon was known to be vengeful when insulted which is why this modern freestanding tub was sculpted with the utmost grace and mastery. Curved on one side for ultimate relaxation, this tub is the perfect retreat from everyday life. It also pairs wonderfully with our modern collection of freestanding tub faucets

Iris Freestanding Tub

Inspired by the messenger from Mount Olympus, Iris, as the story goes, scooped water from the ocean with a pitcher and would carry it to the heavens above. This small freestanding tub’s elegant slipper design will sweep you up and uplift you to new heights, especially after a long, harmonious soak. 

Dionysus Freestanding Tub

For the utmost decadence and luxury, the Dionysus acrylic freestanding tub was made for rejuvenation, perhaps accompanied by a glass of Syrah. The Romans called Dionysus by another name, Liber, which means “free”. This round freestanding tub was gracefully designed for bathers to reflect on the mystery of life. Ponder on the rhapsody, is this real life or just a fantasy? This transcendent soak is your ultimate escape from reality. Freedom at depth. 

Janus Freestanding Tub

Now, you very well may not have heard of Janus or at the very least the Janus you know is much more mundane. However, as the god of transitions and more literally gates, you may open the door to your bathroom and find an unexpected sanctuary. A home away from home. The Janus small freestanding tub is gently curved against the floor’s edges as if welcoming you through the gates. Meet her with an open mind, ready to let go of the day and emerge as if new again, for she is also the god of new beginnings.

Eisen Home Freestanding Tubs

Imagine the elegance of your Roman tub faucet cascading into your deep, warm and bubbly tub. Perhaps you have incense and candles setting the mood. The door is locked. Your worries dissipate as the warm water envelops you. You’ve been soaking for a while and your fingers begin to prune. As if emerging from a hot spring in a glacial canyon under the stars, you look into the LED mirrors of your bathroom makeup vanity and anoint yourself with oil as the Greeks did. While there are many Greek gods, there is only one freestanding soaking tub (or perhaps two) that will triumph and become an essential part of your new hiding place, retreat and sanctuary. 

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