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Vessel sinks make a gorgeous statement to any bathroom oasis.

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Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Are you looking to convert your bathroom into your very own home spa? Vessel sinks are elegant, efficient and give your bathroom unforgettable appeal. They are a statement piece all their own, giving your bathroom a luxurious feel, instantly. Our ceramic vessel sinks all come in white to brighten up the space. Each comes with an overflow drain and pop-up drain so you have everything you need to finally complete your spa sanctuary.

What is a Vessel Sink?

Compared to drop in our undermount sinks, vessel bathroom sinks sit directly on the countertops. Most commonly made from glass or ceramic, these materials are ideal for easy cleaning and upkeep; however, you can also find vessel sinks in marble, copper, stainless steel and natural stone, among other materials. There are also many shapes to choose from including rectangular, square round and oval, although the most common are oval and rectangular vessel sinks like the Havasu.

Why Choose a Vessel Bathroom Sink?

There are a few clear reasons why people choose a vessel bathroom sink over standard drop in or undermount sinks.

More Counter Space

Vessel sinks give you a little extra counter space under the edges so you have more room to get ready for the day.


A modern vessel sink is a statement piece. Since they are not nearly as common as drop in or undermount sinks, they make an instant impression. They also tend to give the illusion that the ceiling and room are more spacious, but why? To clarify, normally you’ll choose a bathroom vanity that is shorter to accommodate the height of the vessel sink. Since the countertops are lower, you get the impression that the ceiling is higher, even though it’s simply an illusion. Additionally, our white vessel sinks open up the space even more by diffusing light better than sinks in darker shades.

Easy to Install

Vessel sinks are notoriously simple to install which means that if you want to update the look, you can whenever you like without worrying about a long, complex installation.


The large basin of vessel sinks makes it easier to keep your space clean. You won’t splash as much water onto the mirrors or countertops so it will be easier to maintain over the long-term.

Vessel Sink Faucets

Vessel sinks inherently increase the required height of the faucet you pair with it. Our line of counter mounted vessel bathroom sinks range in height from 5-8 inches so it’s key to find a vessel sink faucet that can accommodate. With spout heights ranging from 7-11 inches, the water will cascade into the large basin giving you extra room for washing and prepping for the day. Our Raina waterfall faucet for vessel sink makes a particularly elegant touch.

Similar to vessel sink faucets, it’s key to choose a vessel sink vanity that is the right height for your vessel sink. Make sure to measure the height and depth of the vessel sink along with the height of your vanity to ensure that the sink does not sit too high.

Things to Consider when Buying a Vessel Sink

As with most good things in life, normally there are a few drawbacks to buying a vessel bowl sink. Thankfully, Eisen Home has addressed most of the downsides to owning a vessel sink so you can enjoy all the benefits without the worries.


Unlike most vessel bathroom sinks, Eisen Home’s sinks have an overflow drain. This is really important especially when it comes to kids so that you never have to fret about finding a pool of water on the floor.

Pop Up Drain

It can be hard to find the right pop-up drain stopper to accompany your vessel sink. That’s why Eisen Home includes a polished chrome vessel sink drain with each. One less thing to think about!

Eisen Home Modern Vessel Sinks

Whether you are looking for an oval or rectangular vessel sink, small vessel sink, matching waterfall faucet or LED bathroom mirror that accommodates the full ensemble, you are bound to find the perfect match at Eisen Home. Your new modern vessel sink awaits you.

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